GIF Animation/ Boomerang



Want to keep it simple while also getting your brand out there? We can add your logo onto every GIF to be shared, as well as any artwork. We can put a simple banner across the bottom, or step it up with detailed animation.


GIF animation

The options are endless with animations. Have 1 photo with your logo, the next with a complete brand flash page, and then back to images again. Want snow falling over people? We got you!


Social Media is one of our favorites! Add one of our social media kiosks to excite your savvy clients and guests. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email and Text Messaging are all options. You can share GIF's this way too!

GIFs are the most popular in photo booths right now! We can add animation or your logo to the shareable GIFs. If you want something more eye-catching, we can create interchanging animation on each image in the GIF. We will pick a beautiful template for the series of images to print on, and then you will head to our social media kiosk to share to everyone! Catch the eye of all consumers to gain traction to your brand. For social events, this is just plain fun!