Booth Wrap

Design and custom wrap our booth to match your brand. Booth wraps are the way to go for large activations, brand launches, comic cons, trade shows, and anything other event needing to stand out in a crowd.  Looking for sponsorships for an event? Wraps are a great way to grab attention and interest of those walking past your booth.


Branded Prints

Our design team will come up with the perfect photo design for your event. Give us a little direction, and we will work together to make the best prints possible. Everyone will be taking a photo away with your logo and information on it. This can be a simple logo, or something with detailed design and information. Your design team is also welcome to create their own design.

Custom Backdrops

Let our designers make the perfect step and repeat backdrop for your event. If you don't want your logo on it, we can also design a completely custom backdrop. We provide the best quality step and repeats to ensure there is no glare in your images.